The Holy Land

Pilgrimages to Jerusalem have become dangerous in recent times. The American organisation Zion's Hope provides an alternative: Holy Land, Florida, a recreation of first-century Jerusalem. The $16 million "living Biblical museum" ought to encourage Christians in their faith by teaching about Jerusalem's religious importance.

Guests enter the gates of the "Walled City" into a variety of Biblically acurate settings; the Via Dolorosa recreates the streets where Jesus walked on his way to Calvary to die on the cross. The Garden Tomb is an authentic replication of the actual tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. The stone that once sealed the tomb has been rolled to the side to reveal an empty tomb.

Throughout the day, dramatists and musicians depict the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. At the Wilderness Tabernacle, guests find themselves among the twelve tribes of Israel making camp during their long journey to the Promised Land. The Plaza of the Nations and the half scale Herod's Temple provide a dramatic venue for ongoing sacred concerts and Biblical drama re-enactments.