New York City Dogs

A story on upper class life in New York - as a dog. Pet day care and animal-care services, ranging from therapeutic water treatments to pet taxi services and airline reservation services for pets are flourishing in New York City. Hotels like the Ritz Canine on Manhattan's Upper East Side offer luxury suites exclusively to dogs. The dog spa, Biscuits & Bath, takes up five floors of prime Manhattan midtown real estate and is a magnet for dog-obsessed, time-obsessed New Yorkers .The center features behaviour and puppy training classes, a "spa" for grooming, an on-site veterinarian, a swimming pool for dogs, cocktail parties for dogs and their owners and a therapist - perhaps for those pets feeling guilty about $ 1,500-a-year membership fee. These days, more hounds are dressed in designer rain gear from Burberry or Fifi and Romeo. Rex gets stuffed into a Louis Vuitton monogrammed dog carrier for those excursions aboard the Concorde. Doggie Do sells pearl canine necklaces. Style matters.

Professional dog walkers promenade up to 15 dogs at a time around Park Avenue, dropping them off and picking them up in luxury apartments where dogs usually spend their time alone.

For those craving company, day care centers are available. New Yorkers can drop off their dogs in the morning and pick them up after work. Dogs spend most of the time in a basement playing with other dogs - or are entertained by a television set.

A funeral Home in Brooklyn can help you to part with your four-legged friend. Many New Yorker dogs are laid to rest at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetary outside the city, where a fair amount of people decide to have their ashes burried with their pets.