Richard E. Leakey.. Desperate to get the tourism money flowing again, President Moi of Kenya appointed a sworn enemy, Richard E. Leakey, the famous paleoanthropologist and conservationist, to head the civil service and clean up corruption in Kenya. Five years ago, Moi accused Leakey of being a racist, a colonialist and a foreigner. (Leakey is a third-generation Kenyan.) Thugs from Moi's ruling party attacked and flogged Leakey, who had founded an opposition party and was considering a run for the presidency. And yet Moi made Leakey the second most powerful man in the country. If nothing else, Moi's choice of Leakey as a corruption-buster was a masterstroke of public relations. It intrigued donors, giving Moi's government more credibility than it has had in a decade. Western diplomats regarded Leakey as the Kenyan least likely to be played by Moi for a fool. And since he took over the civil service, there have been impressive improvements in the way the government keeps track of money and in the quality of people appointed to run key government agencies.